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Terms of use - Privacy policy

1. provide visitors / members of the website a rich collection of services, options and / or various sources including electronic access to public spaces, mainly consisting in providing information for the automotive market. The provision of such services and any possible added in the future is governed by these terms. In the pages of may include any form of advertising. The visitor / member services of understands and accepts that all the pages / services is provided 'as is' and disclaims any liability related to the limited duration, deletion, poor performance or failure of electronic storage of any data (data) members and any damage caused to any visitors / members from using this.

2. The visitor / member is responsible for access to its services usedcypruscars and this access may require payment of fees to third parties (eg service providers internet, airtime charges in the internet). The visitor / member is solely responsible for payment of related fees. Also, the visitor / member is solely responsible for their own equipment with the necessary technological means that allow access to its services

Acceptance of terms
1. O website offers its services under the following terms. The visitor / member of the pages of this website is allowed to proceed to visit the pages / services provided that he has read these terms and accept them fully. DIAFONIAS ME IF THESE CONDITIONS ARE NOT POSSIBLE TO USE THE SERVICES OF THIS SITE.

2. Expressly states that these terms of use and access to the website of may be amended at any time and without notice of the visitors / members. Any changes to this will be published with care of by whatever means deemed appropriate wished for better and faster information for visitors / members. Any use of after publishing the modified terms deemed to be governed by them. If the user disagrees with any or some or all tropopoiithetes terms of this website must refrain from using this otherwise deemed to have accepted all the above conditions.

3. These terms apply to all applicable epskeptes / members services of this website.
Membership - Expression of Interest
1. The visitor who wishes to post an advert must complete at least the required fields in the relevant membership form indicating the true, complete and current information, and providing information on the car for sale. The visitor / member must inform the for any change in any of the above mentioned components.

2. Members remain solely responsible for all activities that occur under their personal account and are solely responsible for the careful use of the account them.The not responsible for any damage or injury resulting from the inability of States to respect and follow the this clause.

Use by members
1. Using visitor / member agrees to abide by the terms and conditions listed herein. Any visitor or member is responsible for all use (under any name which appears on the screen and any passwords "password") and should always comply with the references in this text. The member will be responsible for protecting the confidentiality of the various codes "passwords" that can be used when they yarchoun.

2. It is mutually understood and accepted by the acceptance of these terms of use by visitors and members that all information, data, text, graphics, photos, pictures, music files, videos, messages and all content, whether publicly posted or privately transmitted on its website, responsible only to the natural or legal persons who published it or post the relevant material. In other words, visitors and members are solely responsible for any content they post, publish, send, convey or otherwise make available through the services of

3. For this reason every visitor and member accepts and agrees to the acceptance of these terms that they undertake to compensate the and colleagues for any judicial or extrajudicial engagement between them and third parties because of the content of the material that the visitor or the member display, publish, send, transfer or otherwise make available through the service

Ethics visitors / members
1. Visitors / members agree to be bound by the acceptance of these terms not to use the services of usedcypruscars to:

a) upload, transmit, publish, transfer or use any other method to install or view content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, violent, abusive, racist or otherwise objectionable, and / or violate personality and personal data, hateful, and / or an act illegal.

b) upload, transmit, publish, transfer or use any other method to install or view content that is not allowed to spend by law or by a confidential relationship.

c) upload, transmit, publish, transfer or use any other method to install or display any kind of content that infringes any intellectual property rights of any person (including trade secrets).

d) upload, transmit, publish, transfer or use any other method to install unauthorized advertising or other promotional content, or to send unwanted content of any kind.

e) The following services or disrupt services or servers or networks connected to services or violate the conditions, procedures and rules for use of these networks.

f) violate, with or without intention, any local, national, European, international law and / or any regulations having the force of law and terms and / or covers any service

The visitor and the member further understands and accepts the international nature of the internet (internet) and undertakes to respect and strictly observe the local rules of conduct of any state. Specifically, the visitor and / or the State is bound to faithfully follow the law regarding the transmission of data from Greece and Europe to third countries.

2. The and relevant partners have the right to refuse to post or publish or delete or move any content available through its services. Further, the and relevant affiliates reserve the right (but not the obligation) to delete any content that violates these terms of use.

Exclusion of liability for information provided
1. Information and general contents of this web site is an offer and supplied by visitors and members of it. The collect such data and information and publish them without warrants and undertakes no responsibility for their content and in particular about the truth, accuracy and completeness of the information and the suitability or accuracy of such these .

2. For this reason, visitors and members understand and accept that they use the information provided on their own initiative and assume responsibility for crosschecking and verification of the conformity of this information. Visitors and members are required to evaluate this information and are responsible for any risk that may involve the use of any Content, including any decision to rely on the accuracy, completeness and / or usefulness of any content. In this sense, the visitor and / or the member understands and accepts that it can not be based on content posted in
Disclaimer contacting State and / or a transaction
1.The bears no responsibility with respect to contact the visitor / member with another member and the person who has posted advert on the website, and any possible damage resulting from the performance of any kind between synnallagon the above mentioned persons.
Intellectual and Industrial Property
1. All content on including images, graphics (digitally processed or digitized), video, photos, texts, music, sounds, and projects (small or large) computers, services and generally all the files site, are copyrighted and protected by the relevant provisions of Cyprus law, European law and international treaties. Therefore, none of the above may in no case be wholly or partially sold, copying, reproduction, republication, transmitted or distributed in any way.

2. The visitor agrees and acknowledges that has the potential commercial value of all items displayed in it.

Collection and Use of Personal Data
1. Each visitor / member accepts and agrees to maintain the file and processing of personal data to provide electronic services available, the general updating. The beneficiary companies collect personal information when visitors register to the site and / or uses the services and / or visiting the pages or and entering the promotional programs. Each visitor / member may request deletion of personal data and / or rectification and / or updating. Further, the may use cookies to identify visitors / member services and certain pages. The data stored chrisimooiountai only to facilitate the visitor / member services of this website and for statistical purposes or for marketing.
'Links' (links) to other sites (sites)
The not responsible for the content of the protection of personal data, the quality and completeness of other web sites and pages referred through "links", hyperlinks or advertising banners. Therefore, for any problem arising during the visit / use, the visitor / member must apply directly to the respective web sites and pages, which bear the entire responsibility for the provision of services. The not endorse or approve the content or services of web sites and pages referred to in or linked in any way.
Terms of use as expressed herein replace and complement any previous term. The existing and any new services in subject to these terms of use, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Additional provisions and amendments of these terms may be posted anywhere on (such as advertisements, expression, form filling items, contests, etc.) by completing this text.